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So here I am writing a blog on the 23rd May, 2017. Tinky are just back from Arran, where we headlined a good days music in an extremely beautiful part of the world. Corrie is gorgeous, a wee strip of houses facing the Scottish west coast across the Clyde.  The gig was at the village hall, & the camping was all about it & even by the beach : an amazing place & a jolly good romp.


Suffice it to say, out of Tinky’s seven members 5 of them stayed up all night – but none of these were me. Yes, I got some kip & even gave that half a pill in my pocket back to the guy who gave it me when I woke up in the morning. Things are different & seeing as I’m a driver I stayed sober & got Kate, Roy & Steve back to Edinburgh. Tinky are on at Eden in a few weeks, so things are ticking along nicely.


Literary-wise I’m working hard on some books. I took the the Burnliad down to Burnley & got my photo in the Burnley Express. It was cool being home, down to the fact we had a family in room in the Oaks Hotel & the girls loved the pool. Its like the Oaks is gonna be my house in Burnley from now on. I’ve made it , innit. We also saw Nicky for some amateur dramatics & co & in sisterworld it was wee Jacob’s fifth birthday party. I even managed to sell a book to a Burnley badge-seller outside Turf Moor! A small, but significant step.




At the moment I’m just bursting with ideas; the new language…. ┬áthe Menalean hypochisp in the Homeric Answer… filming Alibi with the new band camera… rewrite MacPherson’s Fingal from the original Gaelic fragments… compose an American epic called Stars & Stripes, showing how amazing George Washington was & show dumb Trump is… an new essay based on Wordsworth’s composition of the Cottagers – a perfect example of how poetry is made… a chronological account of Keats’ Scottish journal.

Roxy's 8th @ The Kilted Lobster, Stockbridge
Roxy’s 8th @ The Kilted Lobster, Stockbridge

I’m also reading through my ‘Epistles to Posterity,’ samples of my journals & blogs which I will be Publishing soon. Then there is the poetry which I intend to close out The Silver Rose with. I am currently writing in tandem my wolf poem & my ‘Honeymoon’ mirror-poem to the Grand Tour. This afternoon I took a long walk through the Lammermuirs, disturbing the nesting curlews, treading the grassy sheep tracks & loving the whole scene. On the walk I completed stanzas 19 & 20 (out of 55) of the Honeymoon, & also poem 10 (out of 24) of the Wolf poem, so I’m getting there.


These weeks pass’d & to come are highly interesting for my poetic art. Its been a while since I’ve plateauxed into a period of composition, & although it seems to be taking more effort to craft my lines, my Apollonian, the end results are rather pleasing still. I’ve still got it I guess. Having a car is also quite liberating as I can compose in various places & moods. I have written honeymoon stanzas on the river walk to Bolton from Gifford. I have written wolf stanzas on the amazing walk around the Garleton Hills above Haddington. Indeed, this latter place – the veritable epicenter of East Lothian – is somewhere Ive fallen in love with. I’d love to live there; two ruined castles, golden gorse, craggy outposts, supreme visions of sea & distant Edinburgh. Lets see what the future brings…


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