Tinky Disco

There’s something about being a DJ which is an aprodisiac for the ladies, I think. Last night was the official debut of Alpha Bar’s Silent Noise night – the flyer says Palolems premier outdoor nightclub. It was wicked actually, a really lovely space illuminated by purple laser beams. Earlier in the day I’d been handing out said flyers along the beach – a great way to get chatting to folk actually. Come 8.30 I was the opening act, & for two hours played mi tunes loud thro the speakers before the 10.30 watershed when Goa tunrs its music off. Then the headphones come into play & as the venue fileld up peopel began dancing. I couldnt tell if they were dancing to mine or the guy next to me. We was a nob actually, proper DJ ego, which I laid into big time. I think it was something to do with the 5 rupee sachets of 80 cl whiskey ive discovered – that 8p for a treble.

My compadre is this New Zealand lad – a good kid called James – who followed my disco with some New Zealand frum & bass – its not like jungle or owt, & doesnt sound like someonme kicking a drum kit down the stairs,. & we complemented each other finely. It was great to see folk dancing & having a good time, & singing alonmg to the classics I squuezed in among the disco. Because its all silent, its a bit like weatehrspoons with everone having epileptic fits – the only music one can hear is the Cricket opera from the surrounding jungles.

After my set I I was ‘pulled’ by this hot Dutch lady, & after a skinny dip at dawn I woke up by her on silky white sheets at her mate’s gorgeous villa – a very Italian pad & silken white sheets. ‘So do you have a boyfriend at home?” I asked – turns out shes married. Apparently she’s never done it before or ever will again – it was a lot of pressure to be a charming young plaything actually. Still, proper funny. I read her a little Keats & sang a song or two like a proper cavalier servente. She’s also a top film-maker with the cutest english accent i’ve ever heard. If this is what happens when ya a DJ I’m gonna think about packing in the poems!

Back at teh ranch its just me & Charlie now. Fim went to Gokarana on wednesday & the house feels a little empty. Despite starting his book about life as a London ketemine dealer, & teh football games we’re playing with the kids at the school next door to us – with Charl;ie wearing his 1966 england world cup shirt – Charlie’s getting itchy feet. With my Dj mission in patnem ending on a high, we’re gonna move on to North Goa – so i’ll probably just commute down next thursday for the next party….


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