Lettuce Bingo

IMG_20160508_141741209Things are settling down nicely in the world of Damo. The new place is a dream come true, my nearest nice walk being a lovely half hour around a lake, built by Sophie’s grandad. There’s an upturned rowing boat there & something tells me a Shelleyan hour a day will soon be spent bobbing about on water working on my poetry. I’ve also been planting potatoes & onions in the garden, plus lettuce seeds in the window, the first of which is above. The garden is also a dream for kids, & we had a rather fun time last Thursday with Marnie, Lindsay & their two wee ones, plus ours, Kenny’s tribe (with both wives) & Cadey, the daughter of Ian who will be working on the Tinky Website this summer.


Last weekend we all nipped over to Glasgow to see colin. On the Friday night me & the big man hit the comedy night at the Drygate (review can be read here). The nest day me & Colin mowed his massive lawn while Emily & the girls hit Weegieland for some shopping. The Storries also agreed to have some kind of shindig on the 25th of June, when we do our Nice n Sleazy’s gig in Glasgow. We do have to get a urinal or portaloo or something, though – that’s their condition – & Im not allowed to call it Storriestock!








Back in the shire, on Monday there was a proper ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ moment. Donna had seen two skips in a bath.. Apparently its all the rage in New Zealand to stick one in the garden & have a fire-bath. “Do I know anyone with a van?” she asks. “Well, Carol’s just bought one!” I replied.  So ta-daa! & now we ALSO have a bath to do something with in te egarden – but I’m thinking more hot water from the tap through a hose rather than heating it up from underneath.



Pops at the victory parade for Burnley’s championshio

Poetry-wise, I’m chugging through Axis & Allies now – including a few new last-minute additions. the last poem I wrote was inspired by a newspaper article in the Daily Mirror – which I get delivered in the mornings now  – describing the blitz of Liverpool, May 1941. I’ve also got my office looking today, with my library in its traditional nice chronological order. In fact, the whole house is looking nice – Emily’s done well. Im keeping my Burnley house, though, the premiership’s coming back to my beloved town (they just won the championship) so it’d be foolish to leave! Saying that, our padis gorgeous – views front & back & lovely walks all round, its gonna be great to to & fro between the two from now on.





My first spot of painting – the bird house

Yesterday was a good day. I got up real early & drove out to let Carol’s dogs out. Didnt know I had to shut the utility door, so they were out in the village all day – but no harm done!! Anyway, after that I realised I was experiencing one of those majestical & serene mornings that my new county in May musters with effortlessness. So I took the chance to have a drive about, up to the foot of Lammer Law, scoping it out for a future climb. For me, the photographic results were gorgeous











Finally, on the Tinky front, things are looking busy. Getting Will on board has had a bonus knock on effect. He works at Red Dog in Edinburgh, who just so happen to run the main stage at the Meadows Musical Festival (June 4-5). So a combo between me, him & the ‘Interview with Al Roberts,‘ we’ve got the gig – penultimate slot on the Sunday. The Email reads;


Good afternoon everyone!

Guy from Red Dog Music here. I’m getting in touch to let you know – if you didn’t already – that your band has made it through to the final line-up of the Meadows Festival 2016!

In terms of next steps, all I need from you is a confirmation email letting me know you’re okay to play the slot designated in the list below, and we can start getting promo material out with your name in lights, and put together an official schedule.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with me directly by replying to this email, or call me on 0131 229 ???? during office hours.
Saturday 11am Edinburgh Samba School
Saturday 11:30 Richy Neil
Saturday 12pm Hailey Beavis
Saturday 1pm Sea Bass Kid
Saturday 2pm Miracle Glass Company
Saturday 3pm Jamie & Shoony
Saturday 4pm Samba Sene
Saturday 5pm Secreto Tropical
Sunday 11am inChorus Choir
Sunday 11:30 The Beastie Drummers
Sunday 12pm Surf Manchu
Sunday 1pm We Are Dollstoy
Sunday 2pm Noah Noah
Sunday 3pm Monosapiens
Sunday 4pm Tinky Disco
Sunday 5pm Nipples of Venus
Hope you’re all having a great week, speak soon
Kind regards
~Guy @ Red Dog

Ive also been preparing to record the Tinky Album. I’ve decided its gonna be as good as Seargent Peppers & the first Stone Roses, indeed drawing certain motifs from each in the tradition of proper art. Its also gonna be finished off &  mixed down in krefelf, with Cliff. “About Fuckin’ Time!” he says. So its gonna be a busy summer which, at  the moment, looks like this;


Friday, May 27th – Henrys Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th – Recording, Prestonpans

Sunday June 5th – The Meadows festival

Friday 10th- Sunday 12th June – Eden Festival

Saturday June 25th – Nice n Sleazys, Glasgow

Wed 29th June – Wed 6th July – Recording, Krefeld

Friday 15th July – Leith Depot, Edinburgh

Fri 22nd – Sun 24th – Audio Soup, Edinburgh

Lettuce Seed Bingo (this morning) – just one more square needed (top right) and I’ll have a full house!!!!

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