4 & 0

Every time I play Betty Boo I always get kicked out of the party. On this occasion it was at my old house in East Lothian where my ex was hosting her pal’s 40th birthday. I was dog-sitting round the corner at a farmhouse & my ex said why dont I come down. So despite this, & the approval of said birthday girl toward my ambitions to play her some disco vinyl, the protective clucking hens that have surrounded my ex conspired against me & threw me out of my old house. It was a bit of a lesbo love in really, 25 girls to 5 guys, & ex boyfriends were definitely not welcome.

While this was happening, over at the farmhouse one of my pals decided to smoke out a rat that had hidden from the dogs in a gorgeous yew-tree. Cue flames, smoke & fire engines & a soon to be wrecked tree. Despite my best efforts yesterday to salvage something of the tree, Im now in the farmhouse owner’s massive bad books. A totally farcical way to start my fringe blog, like some daft french comedy with jangly supermarket music in the background & a Benny Hill style dash to the hills


My own dash took me to Haddington where I ‘hid’ from the wrath of my treeless mates. Calming down I realised Ive got a massive amount of culture to get into this month, starting tomorrow morning at 10.30 AM down at Out of the Blue on Dalmeny Street, Leith. That’ll be an ariel version of Peter Pan. Talking of upcoming performances, while hanging with mi pals in Haddington, they put on this delightful song from THE WEE MAN, an hilarious Weegie I’d seen at last years Free Fringe. He’s gone free again this year & I reccomend checking him out (The Phoenix, Broughton street – 4-13, 15-28 – 20.15). His stuff might not be Russian Ballet or from the pen of a cutting edge Guardian-reading playwright, but the lyrics of this Irvine Welsh of Glasgow need to be seen (& heard) to be believed!

Today I woke up in my boxers snuggling the 4th different girl in consecutive mornings. Its been weird, however, cos I’ve done the jiggy-disco with none of ‘em. We’re all mates apparently, hence the 4 & 0 title of this blog. Still, its been a good weekend of partying & music & now its time to get busy wi’ mi pen. I’ll also be helping my housemate, Victor Pope, throughout the month, doing the sound engineering for his Free show. We’re just about to wander around town putting up posters. To tell you the truth he could have done better with it – but he is his own artist &… but I mean, just look at that shirt!!!

Victor Pope

Im not the only guy excited about the festival – heres a video blog done by an act called DEBBIE DOES MY DAD which Im going to see on the 8th.


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