Celtic Connections

IMG_20150119_100511_1 Ive got a pretty good feeling 2015 is gonna be quite a year, so I thought I’d write a few words, take a few photos, that kinda thing. My journey, as so many have in the past, starts off in Burnley, where it looks like I’ll be getting a wee house quite soon. I’ve been in Edinburgh ten years, & the last Linkeylea festival in East Lothian found all of my Scottish exes in the same field (in various states of repair). Thing is, Britain’s a small island, & Scotland’s only a few hours away from Lancashire, so I can continue with my music & mumbling without any real hassle. Plus, with Burnley being in the premiership, & situated practically at the centre of the British Isles, its a win-win situation – I mean I dj-ed disco in Todmorden the other weekend for a big bunch of lesbians. Plus I’m loving hanging out with my family for once.


Pendle Sunset
Pendle Sunset

Over the festive season I finally finished Axis & Allies – my epic poem which Ive put online for folk to have a read of  – & completely recharged my batteries. So setting off for Scotland on Thursday, I was taken aback by the white & snowy glory of the journey, a perfect match for the blankess of renewed soul which Im feeling at present. Then a few hours later I was watching Macbeth in the Citizen’s Theatre followed 24 hours later by some amazing highland folk singers, as part of Celtic Connections (click on links to read the reviews. You just dont get that stuff in Burnley – put the black
puddings down that way are summat special!




Manchester Victoria
Manchester Victoria

















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