Tuesday July 29th

As I was reflecting upon what I saw, I heard a Voice in the Crowd, bemoaning the Condition of Mankind, which is thus manag’d by the Breath of Opinion, deluded by Errour, fir’d by Self-Conceit, & given up to be train’d in all the Courses of Vanity, till Scorn or Poverty come upon us.
Richard Steele


A guy was in my house the other day
Canadian & Indian, he had
Yearned to see the Old World since a boy
& now, arrived in Edinburgh, was he,
Yearning to drift as far as Sicily
& so, before he left, I made a gift,
A map with the three Aegadis encirqued.

This global world, at Scotia’s beckoning,
Arrives into these vast Edinads
Where fortunes & good reputations made,
For one long month of living, cultures blend
Into a cauldron soup Parnassian,
& I, sat at its heart, midst Pilrig Heights
Attending to its capturement through words.

The MUMBLE is my bairn, a second year
Of technical refinement prospers well,
Built on a reputation fairly won,
A site more slick, reviewers trebling,
All of us set this gargant to review –
Thousands of shows, but just a lucky few
Can be reflected by our canny pens.

This city stole my soul & there she stayed
A decade since I settled midst her streets
Ready am I her to graces to return
& all her welcome actors celebrate
To meet their wondrous energies with words
They’ve practiced, aye, nigh every day have thought
Of how the world will feel their opened hearts.


I take a pleasant walk about the town
The first few posters reach the Royal Mile
A student girl sits talking on a phone,
Besides the Meadows where the Ladyboys
Start to erect their world, the student says,
“Six pounds fifty with tips, its not that bad,
With the hours I’ll work it’ll soon add up.”

For these past weeks I’ve been networking hard,
& pulled a host of shows from here & there,
The first of which must on the morrow bide,
Its ‘Vitamin,’ by Carlo Jacucci
As on my walk its ticket I collect
Assembly’s office shining bright & new,
First chance to whet my words upon the calf.

Assembly Press Rooms

Returning to my den by Pilrig’s graves
I pass long hours in salad-dappled work
Preparing press releases for those acts
Offered to us by PR companies
Plus shows I choose to temper the wide net
That is this well-paid publicist’s demense
& vast array of talent for my team!


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