The Third Moors Murderer

I’ll do anything, go anywhere for him … As long as I know one day, I’ll be grateful. I hope he’s found before I am dead. All I want out of life is to find him and bury him. I just wish he is found before I go Winnie Johnson


This is a strange blog to write, but one I feel without a doubt needs writing. At this moment in time, the notoriously evil Ian Brady is locked up for life in Ashworth Hospital’s mental unit. Its almost 50 years since the madman & his partner-in-mayhem , Myra Hindley, killed 5 young folk from Manchester, burying 4 of them on Saddleworth Moor. Of the bodies, three were subsequently discovered, but one has never been found – that of Keith Bennett. His poor mum only died in 2012, & had been tormented by never having been given the chance to give her son a proper Christian burial. Many believe that Brady knows exactly where Keith’s body is on the moors, & conducted a sham search for it in the 80’s, proving he still held the upper hand in his sick & twisted mind.

Keith Bennett
Keith Bennett

Thing is – I believe that someone other than Brady & Hindley knows where Keith was buried. He would be an old man by now & may not be alive, but if he is I’m pretty sure he was the third Moors murderer. As attested by the circumstances behind Brady’s fifth murder, in which Hindley’s brother-in-law was inducted into their ‘cult of killing,’I believe Brady had teamed up with a certain Alfred Bailey in 1964. The evidence is sleight, but there is enough to suggest at least an opening of a new line of inquiry.

The key year is 1964. It was then, on the 16th June, that Keith Bennett, 12, was abducted & killed on Saddleworth Moor. Now then, in his book, The Autobiography of the Police Chief in the Moors Murder Case, the detective involved with the case, Peter Topping, describes conversations with Brady in which he mentioned killing several other people, being;

1 – A man at Manchester Piccadily Station
2 – A man in Glasgow
3 – A man in Manchester near Rembrandt public house
4 – A man near the River Ouse
5 – A man near Loch Lomond
6 – An 18 year old youth – someone he knew – buried on edge of A635.

The last one is the most interesting, as Brady admitted to Topping that someone other than Hindley was the driver, but refused to give his name as he did not want to implicate them. He added that his accomplice had done him a favour, murdering someone for him & disposing of the body in the river Ouse. The killing of the youth was a return favour. He said they approached Saddleworth from the Yorkshire side & he had shot the youth with a revolver. Brady says the murder took place in 1964 not long after the murder of Keith Bennet, in pretty much the same part of the moors.

Scouring the Moors
Scouring the Moors

Let us now assume that there was a third Moors Murderer active in 1964. The leading candidate for this personage would be 41 year old Alfred Bailey, for the following two reasons;

1 – In Warrington, on the 19th October, 1964, he sexually assaulted & killed a 6-year old girl called Maureen Cunningham, in highly similar fashion to Brady’s.

2 – In 1964, Brady’s mother lived at 18 Westmoreland St – Brady had lived there before moving in with Myra – while Bailey lived at number 10. Both houses were owned by the same landlady.

Westmoreland Street
Westmoreland Street

In the 60s, life in the north still maintained that ‘we’re all in it together’ mentality, & everyone knew everybody else’s business on their own streets, living in each others houses & pockets. Brady & Bailey must have known each other, & we must ask ourselves one question – is it only a terrible coincidence that two child sex killers in late 1964 were separated by only three terraced houses – in the same period that one of these murderers (Brady) admitted to having an accomplice?

I believe its gonna take a trip to London to look at Bailey’s trial files to get closer to the truth, but a coincidence like that is just to near-knuckle to ignore – especially when Brady thinks he still has the upperhand…

9 thoughts on “The Third Moors Murderer

  1. I was a friend of Maureen Cunningham. I was the last one to see her alive. It took ne many years to come to terms with her death.

      1. How can I get a copy of court documents on this case?
        Or any more information pertaining to this case.
        I would really appreciate your help.
        Kind regards

  2. I still see the third man as Smith and Gil Dear in Bradford was their driver, we have letters showing who was his driver , Dears ended up dead in a reservoir in 1977 in Winter , another strange death , and one I see was to shut him up ..

  3. Is it possible the news got it wrong. We lived near Salsbury street Birkenhead. We’re both Maureen and I lived. If I was the last one who was with her she could not have been in lancishire.

  4. We lived next door to Maureen Cunningham in No 13A Albion St. Her mum lived with a chap and Maureen use to call him uncle. She was much younger than me , always smiling and happy. Her mum was totally devestated when she went missing. She was a good mum. They found Maureen under a load of cardboard , I thought. ‘Local’ . The ‘uncle’ got charged and found guilty of murdering Maureen. That’s what I know .

  5. I remember the murder of Maureen, she attended Pilgrim Street School in Birkenhead, and my mum kept a photograph and article that appeared in the Daily Mirror at the time showing our classroom and all the pupils at their desks, with one empty desk next to myself where Maureen use to sit. I was only six at the time, the same age as her, and do recall later this story that it was her mother’s boyfriend who did the murder, the only connection to the Moors Murders was simply being around a similar time, I cannot remember any other connection ever mentioned.

    1. I have a few question to ask to do with Maureen is there any chance you could add me on Facebook? My names kate Jones I’m from Neath I’m 18 years old. I’d really appreciate it thank you

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