The Perfect Ten


Well, that’s me finally out of Goa. I took an all-night bus up to Pune, arriving there at 6.30 this morning. Not wanting to linger, I was off before the sun was up, on a 5 hour & 200 k journey north through the Deccan plateau, past rows of beige-green tablet-top hills, to the city of Nashik. The reason being is there’s some Agastya stuff to look at in the area I can squeeze into my Jesus Jigsaw Book, which apart from tomorrow’s late additions, is finished!


All alone in Keri it took me about 7 weeks to write, & I’m chuffed with the results. My time in Keri also saw me driving in the 8k to Arambol to DJ Tinky Disco every Saturday night at a beach-side joint called Coco-Loco – I got paid to play & I’ve been improving & digitising mi disco set along the way – there’s gonna be some proper funky happenings when I get back!

Victor Pope left India on December 17th, but three weeks later Al Roberts – Tinky Disco’s bass player – turns up with his guitar slung over his shoulders. Cue gigs & drugs & jamming on his rooftop with all & sundry. Also with him were two Scottish lassies I know; Teri, who joined me Djing, & Lorraine who was in India for the first time. A few days later it seemed like the rest of Scotland turned up, swelling our numbers to about eight, to which number was added Cornish Stella, 67-year old Canadian Brian, Irish Martin (with one leg) & a Yankee called Geoff.


Inevitably our little tribe splintered, & Terry & Al went down to Patnem, staying in the Magic Garden, to which I tooed & froed on a few occasions, playing gigs with Al & even djing on Valentine’s Day at Mickey’s Bar. The reason I didn’t stay down there is the fact Ive been shacked up with this red-hot Russian bird for the past few weeks.


Her name is Albina, but at first she was number eight, as in the eighth girl I’ve slept with since my ex dumped me! The first two were back in Edinburgh before I left, the next three in Patnem over a space of 5 days in December, & then 5 more in Arambol making the perfect ten.

My Albina
My Albina

Mi Mojo’s definitely working at the moment. Anyway number 8… I mean Albina… was just too much fun to ignore & so we shared domestic bliss until yesterday when she flew home to Russia, & I set off to Delhi. I need to be there by 9am on March 4th for my flight to Manchester, & have decided to go overland, charge myself up on the Indian chaos & land in the UK running…



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