Free in the Park

Ive just got back from Free in the Park, a two day ‘alternative’ event on the same werekend as T in the Park – where as the latter festival is full of gadgies paying 200 quid & vomiting everywhere, this was 300 hard core kids having a great rave in the most amazing of sites. It took place in the heart of the poet-country Trossachs, made famous by Sir Walter Scott in his Lady of the Lake. The site was underneath Ben Lawyers Dam, a few miles from the silver-sheened Loch Tay. I’d come here with the Kijiji crew, who were asked to bring our bands & stage along to offer an alternative to the constant techno. We’d saved the day, actually, cos there was only one other ‘stage’ there (three had pulled out) & after our bands had finished we were inundated by djs who’s own tents/stages had pulle dout. We tried to accomodate them all, though. The other stage, however, hosted Sick Note – a mad electro band who borrowed our drums. I’d first seen them at Thimbleberry 2008, when I was doing a stage next door to them – small world? It was great raving to them in the dark, surrounded by the shadowy giants of the Trossachs. Here’s their myspace

John Sicolo of legendary rock venue TJ’s in Newport (Gwent) called Sicknote “The best live band I’ve had in my venue in 25 years.” If you know TJ’s you’ll know that that’s astonishing praise – everyone has played at TJ’s – The Buzzcocks, Catatonia, Echo & The Bunnymen, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Green Day, Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, Primal Scream, Supergrass, Therapy?, and so many more
. Span Arts Web Page

Back at our stage, nestled in one of the arches of the glorius dam, the Eidelweiss pirates played, plus all the combinations of bands that our bunch of musicians intertextualise. I’d also sen these crack hot covers band of twenty year-olds at the three monkeys in Portobello, & invited them along, doing me proud in the process. I did a three hour dj slot on the sunday afternoon – ive got laryngitus at the moment so couldnt sing. But it was great fun playing bananrama to a bunch of techno heads. This morning I left Mharri’s tent (pronounced Varri) – a girl i’ve just started seeing, hitched a lift to Killin a few k down the road. It was nice pottering about in the early morning sunshine, perched beside the rocky swift-rushing falls of Dochart. Nearby is the burial ground of the MacNab clan. From Killin I caught a bus to Callander whereI met Steve, who’d gone there last night to a comfy B&B, & we went on together (using his plus 1 bus pass), to Stirling & back to Edinburgh, beneath glorious summer skies, snoozing off the weekends shennanigins

Kijiji stage

The Kijiji stage early on Saturday when I was sober enough to take a photo

Getting back, however, was a wee nightmare on the Rockera front – I had a massive haemorrage of cast members – all petrified about doing a show nextr week at the Linkey Lea Festival. This got me thinking, & Ive decided to pull Timewarpin from teh fringe & just film the fukcker instead. Besides, this’ll give me more time to work on my daily fringe blog & make it into corker…

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  1. it was good i enjoyed it but everyone left the place a tip i and 4 of my friends spent two days clening up the site as the farmer was very angry all the rubbish had to be taken to the recycle by car this was over 100 black bags not a nice job also not nice for the lovely place you all trashed .this year do not let this happen again john wilson

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