I am currently in the heart of the so-called Scottish summer. Honestly, its worse then Burnley ’98 – daily grey skies & wee teases of sunshine that get you thinking of putting on a t-shirt, before slinking back behind the the clouds. Still, I’m sure it’ll change soon, & with global-warming weather being so erratic we’re due a scorcher.

It’s been 10 weeks since I arrived back in Edinburgh from my soiree round the raj, & I finally feel settled in again. Settled in enough to renew my blog for instance. The chief purpose is to record the Edinburgh Fringe festival on a daily basis thats swinging into town through August. A couple of days back I contacted a whole heap of shows about my forthcomiong blog, from comedians to puppet theatres, & awaited the response. I’m pleased to say that at last count 30 seperate companies/artists have replied with warmth & genorisity.

The other reason for writing the blog is that I’ve also managed to sneak Timewarpin into the festival – the musical I wrote in India that turned into my first Rockera! There’s this club called Siglo on the Cowgate in Edinburgh that just missed the boat to join the Free Fringe Laughing Horse group, so decided to go it alone. A sort of free freinge of teh free fringe if you will. My timely return secured me a slot, & I have mondays & tuesdays at 8PM for three weeks to put on Timewarpin in the lovely baroque upstairs bit. This was the incentive to get a cast together & last night I rehearsed with my core actors at the Meadowbank Arts centre & its feeling good. There’s this music festival called Linkey Lea in East Lothian happening on the 16th July, & Ive blagged Timewarpin’ a slot there, so the momentum is beginning to gather.

Talking about festivals in East Lothian, ten days ago i did my Tinky Disco at Kijiji. It was great fun & I made the performance into a wee movie. Who says disco’s dead!

Edinburgh 29/06/2011

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