Almost Home

A wee splash o' Spring

Today is the final day of what has been an epic mission. I’m in the library of Marple – near Stockport. Im slowly meandering toward the centre of Manchester for my evening bus to Edinburgh, my duvet & 6 months worth of videotaped Eastenders!

Last friday Andy & Tereza – who I’d met in the Himalayas – drove over to Burnley with a couple of their mates. After a whistle stop tour of the pubs we then drove back to their mates’ house in Rochdale. The next day I was thrust into the deep end at Andy’s sisters birthday in Mosston, north Manchester, with lots of kinds & adults to talk too, plus plates of food – quite surreal. Then they drove home to a caravan site south of Marple. They pay 800 quid a year for a pretty palatial caravan sat right by an idyllic canal. A great place to unwind after my epic voyage.

Yesterday Andy took me on a walk up Kinder Scout – the highest point in the peak district, flanked by a vast peat bog plateaux on one side & & the plains of Manchester on the other. The sun was simply lovely & we had the company of Chip, a bouncing fleece-ball of a dog. It reminded me of my pedestrain hauntings of East Lothian & I became excited about my homecoming. But first Ive got to perform a wee hike through dodgy Manchester…


PS Here’s a link to my finished Indiad – its taken 9 years, four visits & 13 montsh of my life to write, but I’m happy to have finished it

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