Termoli - my favorite of the photos I took myself!

So, its the final day of my Odyssey & hopefully tonight I shall be with my lady friend in London, just as Odysseus returned to Ithaca & his wife Penelope. I say hopefully for unbelievably a massive fog has just dropped onto Thessalonika & there are already delays! I was up at 6AM this morning (loud tannoy) & jumped a bus a few k into the ghostly city to spend my last 80 cents on a baguette to go with the wee bit of food I have left! It was kind of romantic last stroll of the many I have undertaking on my recent poetic quest!


So its hometime! Greece has a really relaxing vibe & I’ll definitely be back to explore more. The country is one epic painting of mountains, islands & lucid waters, & has been a joy to wander thro. Everyone’s pretty friendly & have decent levels of English – its compulsary from 10 years old to 18. There’s not a hint of racism – unlike the Italians – & the only tension is the graffiti war played out between fans of Olympiakos & Panathanaikos, one of which is represented by Gate 7 & the other 13. Everywhere I go in Greece those two numbers are there, often superimposed over the rival number! O & the dogs, big nasty fuckers which seem to be left to rot in the gardens & bark aggressively at every passing stranger!


At the boarding school on Sunday night there was a massive crash somewhere in the building & I got bit spooked, so left the next morning. I spent the rest of the day simply strolling down hill for a few k, getting tanked up on red wine, & enjoying the sunny vistas from view to view, basically setting up camp when I whiteyed. Then the next morning I said goodbye to old faithful – my home for more or less the last two months – & with a lighter bag finished off my walkings with a few more k to the airport. I slept here last night, & am killing time using the free wifi they have here to sit through the 22 episodes of the second serires of the very hilarious Cougar Town, which I was getting into just before I left.

Returning to Britain is an exciting prospect, I feel. Axis & Allies is all over, bar the shouting (& typing up) – plus my book on the Homeric Question has taken massive strides forward… & of course, there’s the chips & curry!

Thessaloniki Airport

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