Saraswathi on Tour

Writing mi blog this morning, we proceeded to have a lovely walk around Rome, basking in endlessly cloudless skies. Tramming it into town we hit the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, strolled up to the Vatican on the west bank of the Tiber, checked out the holy see, had a picnic on the Spanish Steps (where I discovered Paul is a dead ringer for Keats), tossed coins into the Trevi fountation begore tramming it back to the fort & some well earned comfort & rest. I wrote a poem en route & Paul went snap-happy with his new camera, a few of which are below;

What massive edifices pass to marvel at & muse
On Rome’s momentous glory as her lively streets diffuse
The Spanish steps, the Vatican, what triumphs of endeavour,
Til man has met his destiny Rome’s name must live forever!
Now by the em’rald Tiber flash’d a book of Pushkins poesy,
Read by a flaxen maiden with her hair & cheeks all rosy
& spotting sonnet-sculptures I approach’d her with a smile,
& show’d her mine own artistry in quattordici style
So walking fourteen bridges from the triplet Tiber island
To Ponte Risorgimento, so many miles from Mile End,
Engaging ghosts of ancient dames who once walk’d here beside
Returning from the slaughter of our early Christians
I steadied soul for London’s games, I hope that they shall glide
As easy as this gentle flow where grow fair nymphaeaceaens

Trevi Fountain
Tiber Island
Forte Prenestina

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