& thats a wrap

25/8/11 – 29/8/11

Edinburgh is the perfect place for a civilised existence
Laura Fiorentini

Shows – 85
Hangovers – 8

TS Elliot once wrote, “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper,” & I guess that’s how this blog ended. I’d met a girl on the Thursday night, whose all night drinking antics basically wrote off my friday (Hangover number 9). Then on the Saturday I went to Roslin glen on the edge of town & DJ-ed at Katie Craig’s 30th birthday party in the woods, a complex logistical nightmare which saw me getting into town just in time to sound engineer VICTOR POPE’S last – & dare I say best – show (number 87). This was followed by a paid jam seesion with Luke & Cameron at the Elm Bar, which gave me – on monday morning – my 11th hangover, resulted in me doing fuck all on the monday!

So there we have it, a fizzling ending to a fiery month, nut one which had stirred the soul. During this time I’ve had some great laughs, met some lovely people & seen some great shows. Unfortunately Ive completely ran out of words, so I shall leave you with a few images from my final days at the festival. Ciao x Damo!

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