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Fresh Chispers (i): Cunedda, King of Picts


-chisper_effectNext week I should have completed my Musicals collection of poetry, meaning bookwise for the next chunk of 2019 I shall be working on the second edition of The Chisper Effect. I’ve decided to put all the info into a chronicle stretching from 1900 BC to 1600 AD, solving all the mysteries en route. As I go along with it, I thought I’d make a wee series like I used to do elucidating any of my new findings. I shall begin with my most recent discovery, then, that one of the oldest ever recorded members of British history, Cunedda, was in fact a Pictish king.

Just as I discovered King Arthur in the lists as Garthnach son of Gygurnus, so Cunedda appears as Canutulachama / Canutulahina. He is listed as ruling for 4 years in the 340s, & is followed by Dorornauch (1 year) & Uradech (2 years).  These two names are variants of two of Cunedda’s eight sons as given in Harleian 32 – Dunautus & Ceretic. In the same fashion, we can connect the Pictish Kings that preceeded ‘Canutulachama,‘ – Vipoig, Breth & Garthnaith – with Cunedda. The name of the first of these, Vipoig, reflects Cunedda’s father, Iago, while the third king, Garnaith, reflects the name of Iago’s father, Genedog.


[H]ec sunt nomina filiorum Cuneda quorum numerus erat ix: Typipaun primogenitus qui mortuus in regione que uocatur Manau Guodotin et non uenit huc cum patre suo et cum fratribus suis pre[dictis]. Meriaun filius eius diuisit possessiones inter fratres suos: ii Osmail, iii Rumaun, iiii Dunaut, v Ceretic, vi Abloyc, vii Enniaun girt, viii Docmail, ix Etern. Harleian 32

We now fast-forward in time to the reign of Maelgwyn Gwynned, whose death is 547 is recorded by the Annales Cambraie as, ‘The great death [plague] in which Maelgwn, king of Gwynedd died. Thus they say ‘The long sleep of Maelgwn in the court of Rhos’. Then was the yellow plague.’  It is through a passage in Nennius that we can link Cunedda & Maelgwyn;
Maelgwn, the great king, was reigning among the Britons in the region of Gwynedd, for his ancestor, Cunedag, with his sons, whose number was eight, had come previously from the northern part, that is from the region which is called Manaw Gododdin, one hundred and forty-six years before Maelgwn reigned. And with great slaughter they drove out from those regions the Scotti who never returned again to inhabit them.
Between, say, 350 & 547 lie 200 years. If we say that it was 25 years after being the King of Picts that Cunedda left Scotland for Wales, & that Maelgwyn had been ruling for 25 years before he died, then we neatly reach the 146 given of Nennius. We may also infer that following his stint on the Pictish throne, Cunedda took up a position of power to the south in the eastern central Belt of Scotland, the approximate area of Manau Gododdin. But before then, he was definitely a Pict.
This completely tallies with recent DNA evidence obtained on the Llyn Peninsula, carried out as a part of the ScotlandsDNA project. In 2014, ScotlandsDNA discovered the ancestral Y chromosome marker of the Maeatae, R1b-S530. A little later, the CymruDNAWAles project established that this marker was very Welsh-specific & accounted for about 0.8% of all Welshmen having close links with the Pictish marker of the Maeatae.
For a final clinching piece of evidence let us return to the Pictish King List. In its earliest stages we see the following sequence; Brude cinid, Brude urcnid, Brude uip, Brude uruip, Brude grid, Brude urgrid, Brude mund & Brude urmund. This doubling up of names tallies with the genealogy of Cunedda, whose great-grandfather  was Cein, then after him; Guorcein, Doli, Guordoli, Dumn & Gurdumn.
 All in all a good start to the year, and proof positive that the chispologist should always keep digging – there are so many truths out there just waiting to be rediscovered.




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