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One Last Blast


So I’m not quite finished.


I’m currently sat in the National Library of Scotland on a Tuesday afternoon. This morning I went to the doctors on Ferry Road in order to start the ball rolling as to having a lump removed from my eyelid (blocked gland) & tonight I’ll be playing a vital Chess match for Wandering Dragons C – its the last match of the season & we must get at least a draw to avoid a relegation play-off.

Over the last winter, only the salubrious bosom of my woman & her warmth has kept me sane through a particularly wet & windy Scottish winter. But today is the first of March, the heralding gateway to six months of lets say, better, weather. It should also see the very final effort on my two epic poems - Axis & Allies & The Silver Rose, the contents of which I have been musing on of late. Last year I was happy to have the edited down versions; 154 sonnets for the Silver Rose, & 243 tryptychs for Axis & Allies. Yet spending time with my inspirational spirit-woman has renewed my vigour & given me ample ambitions as to create ‘true’ epics – ie poems with a bit of meat to em, eh? Through the Winter I have also been assembling my collection of Axis & Allies related journals, entitled ‘Marching on Parnassus,’ the pursuit of which has propelled me to furnish this ultimate leg of epical poetic composition with a piece of modern blogging, to complement & consummate all my previous efforts.

Tinky Disco has been evolving over the winter...
Tinky Disco has been evolving over the winter: should be a good 2016


Our vocalist is Superstylin Mike Daniel
Our vocalist is Superstylin Mike Daniel

Last weekend, my good lady Emily & I set off from Dalmeny in order to collect my Apple Mac computer in Burnley, which contained the majority of my work. After dropping off her children at the ‘Big Red Barn’ near Biggar, where they were picked up by their father (who now lives in Selkirk), we continued south under a lovely blue pre-spring sky. Over the past few months I have been steadily teaching myself how to drive, & it was while pasuing for a break at Gretna services that I explained to Emily I was ready to tackle a motorway for the first time – which after downing an energy drink I did with some success – for a good 20 miles & at speeds of over 70MPH.

We reached Burnley that night – pretty exhausted, & slept soundly. The next day was a busy one -starting with a drive about Pendle in search of the correct positions in which I am convinced 16th certain woodcuts were made for Spenser’s poem, the Shepherd’s Calendar. We didn’t quite get the exact spots, but are getting closer & next time we’ll nail it.

12744318_1586227111702239_3129775056865089150_n  12802959_1586227071702243_1726538403377697038_n

Pendle Hill & what I think is Pendle in the woodcut

The rest of the day was spent calling on all my ‘relations’ – a walk with my sister & niblings near Darwen, a coffee with my father, some beers with nicky et al. & a coffee with my Uncle Jeff – who has just been sworn in as the mayor of Burnley & who I now have to call ‘his worshipfullness.‘ On the Sunday morning I was picked up by Nicky & driven to Accrington to watch his son & my godson, Li-Bau, play youthful football under yet another cold but crisp-clear blue sky.

12472546_10153566878983246_4136859003112925850_n  IMG-20150521-WA0001

Me & the neice, rebecca, & His Worshipfullness, mi Uncle Jeff



12243078_1587099681614982_4837497757531020370_nLeaving Burnley, we headed north once more, & I took over the wheel at Windemere in order to drive up & over the Kirkstone Pass, a road I had never traversed before. With the weather still perfectm it was a glorius drive, though I had to deflect Emily’s constant ‘point outs’ of beautiful scenery, nervous as I was to be driving such a winding road. After drinks & nibbles at the Kirkstone Inn, we headed north, with me handing over the wheel just before Penrith.




GetInlineFrom there we nipped up to Carlisle for chips in the city & a coffee with an old pal & new Mumbler, Paul Rivers. Then, with dusk falling, we drove up to Selkirk to collect the girls from their fathers, before one last wee mission – calling on David Wales at Innerleithen. Last year he’d put on a festival called Juiced Up near Dunbar, at which Tinky Disco had played. This year he’s doing it again, & after a wee chat it looks like I’ll be running the dance tent this time round.

A couple of hours or so later we were finally back in Dalmeny, where I set up my apple mac, in preparation of getting busy these coming weeks. My fallow period is well & truly over, last year’s composition of the Language of Birds really undammed the poesis & now its starting to gush through my spirit – lets see where the muses take us.


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