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A Happy Ending

I am currently sat with my fiance – yes fiance – the beautiful miss Beeson, of Seattle. She is scrolling through the text messages we have sent each other these 5 months past in which we have found ourselves in a love of the marital kind. She – we – live in Dalmeny, by the gorgeously scoto-cosmic Dalmeny Estate, a perfect poet’s playground only a few miles from Edinburgh, my choice city of residence for over a decade. I see her love  as a reward for completing Axis & Allies earlier this year, in the same fashion as when my muses spirited me onto a Swiss Air Jet & flew me home to England back in ’98 after dedicating myself to the art of poetry on the continent.


So with this shift in my life, I feel its time to wrap up my blog for the forseeable future. I began it back in 2010, shifting into it my group email journal-making, which in turn had sprung out of the hand-written journals that had accompanied my first poetical composition missions pre-2002 (when I signed up to Hotmail). Between these three methods of life-archiving I have recorded the 15 years spent on writing my epic poem, which should serve as a great accompaniment to future students of Axis & Allies. As for that poem, at present it is unpublished & hardly known – mainly on account of the public taste for poetry at the turn of the 3rd millennium, in which the trend is for short snappy pieces rather than for anything of substance. In spite of this I remain confident that as the years pass, & as the publish taste for poetry evolves,  my poem will take its proper place in the pantheon.

Click to read Axis & Allies


This blog has also seen me make the marked transition from singular poet into polymathic bard, launching a series of investigations into many of the great & famous mysteries of history, such as the identity of King Arthur, the location of the Battle of Brunanburh & more recently the biopic of the young William Shakespeare. So, in time-honoured fashion, I shall now take & bow with a cheeky smile leave the stage – my epic is truly born & as yet I am still in my thirties, It is now time to enjoy the rest of my life with my beautiful wife-to-be my side.


Ciao for now





Dalmeny Estate
Dalmeny Estate