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Solving Voynich

These days I’m really on a roll with historical mysteries – the solutions to a wide variety of seemingly unsolvable problems are tending to just sorta drop into mi head. Anyway, last saturday afternoon I was canoodling in bed with this lovely lady I’ve recently met. Shes taken an interest in my work, by the way, & thought I should take a look at the VOYNICH manuscript.


It was discovered in 1912, by Wilfrid Voynich, & has been described as the world’s most mysterious manuscript, mainly for the fact its written in a language & script no-one has ever been able to crack – even the best codebreakers of WW2 failed to break into it.

Carbon dating has given the ms an origin of the early 1400s, & is divided into the following sections;

1 – Drawings of plants, many of which are obscure
2- Astrological illustrations of the sun, moon & zodiac
3 – A biological section
4 – A pharmaceutical section
5 – A selection of recipes

So, my lady puts a youtube video on, where an english linguist, prof. Stephen Bax, has declared the translation of a handful of words form the text, as in;

So im watching it, & literally by the end of the film I had a good feeling about where the book had come from. Basically, my recent trip to India on the hunt for Jesus introduced me to the Siddhi system of medicine, which essentially a mix of all the contents of the Voynich manuscript, i.e. herbalism, astrology, biology & pharmacology! I also knew that the last Siddhar, THERAYAIR, was active in the early 1400s. This is what the Siddha website has to say about him

He is considered to be the master of all the fields like astrology, mysticism, alchemy, medicine and language. The degree of his scholarship is considered to be the supreme. The style of the language is considered as the best as any contemporary Tamil poets. He has mastered all the languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Thulu and Sanskrit. His Guru (Master) was Dharmasowmiyar. His work on medicine especially on classification of diseases with their managements and prognosis are highly praise worthy.


Surely ‘his work on medicine’ is a plausible candidate for the Voynich manuscript. Honestly, I’d worked it out before the film had finished, like, without doing any research at all. Now, I dont really have time to throw myself into it – I guess that’s for the Voynich-heads out there, but I hope my discovery will help the guys out in fathoming the secrets of the manuscript, in which there may be some long lost medicines that could benefit the human race!

Anyway, Ive spent an hour today on it, just to see if I was right, & everything Ive found so far seems to confirm my wee insight, as in;

1 – One of the plants, Helleborus Niger, is found in the Ghats of India, just where the Siddha have their HQ near Ambassamudrum. It wouldnt surprise me if most of the plants in the MS can be found in that district.

2 – Prof. Bax deciphered the name in the text for Helleborus – kaur – which is essentially the same as the one used in Kashmir.

3 – An examination of the script shows a number of orthographical similarities with the modern Tamil script (I couldn’t find an example of medieval tamil) – have a look yourself & see if u can spot the patterns – its good fun!




Tamil alpabets from different eras
Tamil alpabets from different eras

I believe the book itself arrived in Europe in the hands of a 15th century Italian alchemist named Bernard of Treviso. The coolest thing is, the guy essentially admits to meeting a man just like Therayair in what I think is Alleppey in Kerala, & winning a book in a contest. We found out this in a text Bernie wrote all by himself called the Allegory of the Fountain;

When I passed through Apulea, a city in India, I heard that a man resided there who was so very learned in every branch of Science, that he had not his equal in this world. He instituted as a Prize of disputation for all skilled in Art, a book… Therefore, desirous of honour, I did not doubt that my mind would assist me thereto and dispose me to the prescribed disputations, a very learned man adding spurs to my undertaking this province, and it also coming into my mind that the daring and bold were carried to sublime things, while the timid were thrown down and lived in perpetual dejection, I passed manfully into the field of contest and happily obtained the palm of disputation before the audience, and the book of premium was so honourably delivered to me by the faculty of Philosophy


My initial instincts are that the script is a kind of shorthand Tamil -or some archaic relation to that language – or perhaps the book is actually a copy of the original by a scribe trying to latinize the Tamil characters. But, there you go folks – that’s how you solve one of the world’s greatest mysteries in an hour & an half…