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Thiruvalluvar & the Seven Avatars

At the feet of Thiruvalluvar
At the feet of Thiruvalluvar

I last blogged a few days back, with the prospect of reaching the Tamil Mount Doom on the cards. What followed was a glorious day with driver & guides, wandering about the gorgeously green uplands of the Western Ghats, searching for the residue of the Jesusian avatar, Agastya. Travelling with locals helped us cruise through the security checks, & we had a splendid time; including a dip in a powerful waterfall at the Agastya Falls.


Another highlight was a boat-trip across a man-mad dam, whose surrounding scenery was more beautiful than anything I’ve seen in Britain – it was so epic!


This was as close as we were gonna get to the Potiyil Hill, for the trekking paths up it actually started on the other side of the Ghats, in Kerala. We didn’t mind, however, for the day had been a splendid one, & I slept a sound sleep back in Ambasamudram.

The next morning we were off again, cruising south on a couple of busses to Kannayakamari, the most southerly point in India. It was a profound moment for me, for towering tall on a roky island just off the mainland is a massive statue of Thiruvalluvar. Eleven years ago, the younger me had fallen in love with his kural – thanks to a ‘verteux’ mind & my first taste of opium, & compelled me to one day transcreate it into English. This I’ve done, & I guess, am still doing.


The research trip of Jesus is all but done now – its taken two months & in the process Ive literally traversed the sub-continent from top to bottom by land – which is no mean feat! Thus, I am now looking forward to moving into a beach cafe to write the book, during which time I’ll be reading & editing all my poetry – including the Kural. The idea is to emulate the literary life of Byron & Shelley in Pisa, where they’d go for a ride in the morning (I’ll have a scooter), then after lunch do a bit of shooting, with the ladies looking on. Then, of course, work on their poetry.

Back in Kannuyakamri, I would like to introduce the last of the Jesusian avatars – & somehow it turned out to be Thiruvalluvar himself! I don’t really have time to go into all the evidence right now – the book will explain everything perfectly. Thus, the seven Indian Avatars of Jesus Christ are;

Yuz Asaf
Ishvara Krishna


What has happened, is that Jesus was given different names in different languages – & in a world without universally printed pages, where every copy was made by hand, it was rare to get the same name twice. A classic example of such a process comes with the word for butterfly, which is different in every language, examples include;


Jesus, then, was an ascetic educated in India, who wrote some excellent poetry that formed the bedrock of several belief systems. For example, Krishna was a creation of his, while Mahayana Buddhism was built upon his visions. He did spend time in Palestine, & used yogic techniques learnt in India to feign death & ressusciate himself. After this he returned to India, where he set up ashrams at teh Govardhan Hill & in Tamil Nadu. His last years were spent up in Kashmir, where he was buried in Srinagar.


With all that banked, it was time to leave Kannuyakamari. A three hour train ride brought us into southern Kerala, a land of luscious fertility, where banana trees & coconut boles vied for space amidst the verdancy of its teeming junglery. Our destination was Varkala, the arrival at whose restaurant-topped cliffs & soft, sandy beaches announced to Victor & I the end of the ‘adventure’ & the arrival of the pleasure bubble.


From here on in we’ll be waltzing along the tourist trail, & all the comfortable living that embosoms them – I’m proper bored already! Still, the beers 1.20 a pint, the Ashes are on in the bars, & the waters warm, so I’m off for a dip…